The Hustle, Elon Musk, No Boundaries

Elon Musk recently released his latest plans of his much-watched and analyzed company, Tesla. If we could all have one phone number in our contacts (other than Mum’s), surely it would be this one.

The Hustle recently broke down (in their words) some of these plans, which mash together technology, AI, shared economy and outright determination with an air of, ‘I’ve got this’ and confidence that will push the realms of possibility, setting a new bar.

We are in an age of ‘Limitless’ (gosh, I love that movie) and if there were such a thing as boundaries then Elon does not see them. Something we all can take a little from and move forward with.

The Hustle article below:

Phase One: Consolidate resources

The Musketeer surprised no one last month when he offered up a bid for Tesla to acquire SolarCity (both companies he owns). Turns out this was the first step towards integrating sustainable energy generation and storage.

Now that Tesla’s Powerwall battery systems are ready to scale and SolarCity can provide the power, it’s time to get off fossil fuels and power our stuff with the sun, baby.

Phase Two: Build an army

Tesla has started designing a new wave of electric vehicles including a compact SUV, a new kind of pickup truck, city buses, and semi trucks. Yes, you read that right. Self-driving, battery-powered semis and buses.

The plan is to position the company beyond consumer vehicles and tackle everything on the road by investing more heavily in the machines that make the machines to increase production by 10x.

Phase Three: Research and development

Right now Tesla’s Autopilot functionality is roughly 2x safer than human drivers, even with the most recent string of fatal accidents.

Elon Butterfinger’s vision is to develop self-driving cars that are 10x safer by logging at least 6B miles in partial or fully-autonomous vehicles. They’re currently doing just over 3m miles per day, but with the 400k+ Model 3 preorders being delivered over the next couple years, pretty sure that’s going to pick up some serious speed.

Phase Four: Share the love

Turns out most owners only use their car 5-10% of the day. Seems pretty silly, don’t ya think?

Muskmaster-E wants to fix that by allowing owners to add their car to a shared fleet of vehicles at a push of a button. That way, while you’re at work or on vacation, your car can make money for you by self-driving people around like an Uber.

Sounds amazing until Jimmy from down the street has too much to drink and calls your car to pick him up…

The takeaways

Overall, this master plan is classic Elon. Huge promises, big dreams for the future, and a gut feeling that he’s going to get it all done, one way or another.

Very few people have the stones to take on the car industry, public transportation, long-haul trucking, energy companies, and the shared economy in just under 1,500 words.

Said it once, will say it again. It’s Elon’s world, we’re just livin’ in it.



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