2017 – Dear blog, I haven’t forgotten you..

It was time to comfort my slightly neglected blog and quickly throw down a few thoughts on what has been happening in 2017 thus far. It’s a mix of personal, study, books and hubs.

Firstly and above all else, this year is going to bless my partner and me with a son. It has been an experience with a whole lot of indescribable emotions that have swayed us between surreallism and pure bliss. We are both extremely excited and grateful; it is something not taken for granted and we look forward to our family growing by one and guiding him to virtue.

Moving on..

STUDY NOTE: A monkey off my back is imminent for 2017 with the completion of an MBA. A final paper on communication has allowed me to express some of my own opinions whilst combining theory with practical together. Formal education in the modern era has increasingly become a contentious issue and one that I have expressed on also. I look forward to ticking the box and as always taking the learnings and growing from them.

BOOKS, BOOKS & MORE BOOKS: Many good books read and currently in progress, which I am eager to soak up.

  • Phil Knights Shoe Dog has been fantastic. It offers a raw and rustic read and for minds like mine, has you wanting you to get to the next page. Phil’s true grit, determination and pragmatic approach to getting the job done is admiring. It is a book I have gifted to people and from all accounts has been enjoyed thoroughly.
  • 59 seconds gives tips and thought processes for creativity and goal setting. Quick to implement and useful.
  • The Myth of Strong Leader is an academic read which along with Shoe Dog, Bill Gates put at the top of his 2016 list. It breaks down leadership styles based around politics, backed up with a lot of research.
  • Chapter One which was a gift from my partner is about a group of hustler’s from good ol’ Oz who had one thing in mind and that was ‘to do good’. It is an easy to read  story that gives sound advice and is motivating about a team of people sharing the same vision; bring water to those in need. The Thank you label can now been seen in all major retailers with a story attached. The book reads horizontally making it a refreshing hardcover to pick up. I am at the very beginning of Prince’s biography which has started intriguing also. More posts to come later.

HUBS, HUBS AND MORE HUBS: The working enviroment as we once knew it, is making bigger shifts into the future. More and more hubs popping up in cities around the world that is mirrored by organisations and government agencies introducing collaboration spaces and hot desk environments. This all highlighted by large and exciting start up hubs putting stakes in the ground, coming up with the next big thing. It is promising to see these concepts being embraced and the entrepreneur inside and outside of organisations having an impact around the globe.

A reminder to round off with – We all at times get bogged down, distracted and our minds taken off the job. Sometimes we have to do one thing at a time and be present. Stay tuned for more rants and raves in the year of the ‘Rooster‘. 😊


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