A Monkey Off The Back – MBA Complete

There are certain times when we feel ‘A monkey has been lifted off our back’, and what happened to me recently with the sign off of my final MBA submission. 

This particular study was essentially completed in two stages – hence the connotation. With this blog titled LEARNING, I felt obliged to acknowledge and reflect.

The first part done internally at UniSA and the final subjects were completed at Torrens University, in the online format where graduation will take place here.

With many students, academia can be a contentious relationship. We can take this as a positive; it leaves us investigating more and diving further into analyses. I personally find myself blurting out more of my own opinions and words than ever before. This creates a deeper learning.

The passion for education formally and informally continues, recently highlighted as a top 5 strength at Gallup Strength. I was recommended this uncanny test by an academic. Combining both forms of study allows us to be honest, practical, challenging and enables us to educate better.

How do we measure our learnings?

My assertion is simple and one that can only be answered by the individual. People study for many reasons; at one end of the scale, people look to climb the corporate ladder – something an MBA has been related too. At the other are those who simply have the desire to learn with no specific reason other than this; which is good enough.

Einstein (reading at this moment), challenged the status quo; there is more acceptance of students doing this now than ever before. Einstein didn’t have much luck with early submissions, however as we can all testify – the genius occurred out of his unwavering desire to prove the unprovable, very few were remotely thinking of.

What is a way to move forward in education?

In today’s business environment that changes rapidly from a strategic perspective; this has liberated the challengers to create an open forum allowing diverse views and opinions to make it to the table.

Having a thirst for knowledge across a range of areas has us  always looking for the next solution – this can only be good. There is also no time like another to become an expert in various trades; the term coined ‘expert generalist’ such as Elon Musk has been labelled. Moving forward and perhaps in our own right, we will see more of this to come.

A few important points:

  • Approach any education with an open mind and surround yourself in the right environment.
  • Do not be afraid to challenge the status-quo, even in a formal academic setting. This is where we become confused the most, debate the most and more importantly, LEARN the most.
  • If you need to finish something to free yourself up for your next challenge – DO IT.
  • Be sure to balance formal education  with non formal education to remain current and in firm contact with real life situations that are happening NOW.
  • Reasons for learning and education are individualised. Take yours, remain true to yourself and when the time calls, put good into practice.

On a sign off note for this post, I am extremely grateful for those closest to me for their support. They will share in the hat throwing for this one too.

MBA dusted… 🙂


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