‘A diverse background, with extensive, broad experience, personally and professionally. A life -long learner with an optimistic view.’

My first start-up was a few moons ago and have been involved in a number of ventures between now and then.

Aside from the odd car wash business and organising underage dance parties prior to the age of 16, my ventures officially began 21 years ago in the bricks and mortar retail sector as a Co-founder and Director of Daily Grind

I was one of three partners, my twin brother and childhood friend, we built the business from the ground up and saw it grow into a multi-million dollar business in a short 3 years, consisting of three specialty outlets.

The business continues to be in operation today all being it in an extremely tough market. I organically took a marketing and business role for the following 7 years.

After my exit from Daily Grind I went into importing and wholesaling costume jewellery and accessories, Blume Supplies. Included in this was an agency representing  Lambretta Watches in South Australia. The costume jewellery side of the business evolved into a concept that originated from the UK by way of a one price point retailing. It was a low-cost, high volume business that saw great success. This revolved around a licensing concept, similar to franchising, however, a little less involved.

I undertook MBA studies during this time at UniSA, this has recently been completed at Torrens University. A couple of start-ups also took place that did not eventuate. Both being extremely valuable learning experiences. The first in the tech industry, a price point concept, in a thin client and cloud computing space. In some respects it may have been before its time, however, looking back, the sustainability was questionable. Never the less, this was teased out with my good friend and colleague Suhit from Humanomics.co and we walked away more knowledgeable for it.

The next was a restaurant. To a certain degree, this had always been a childhood aspiration of mine and my brothers, who also involved in the project. Another learning experience for a myriad of reasons; the dream is still alive.

A small stint at a subsidiary of Fuji Xerox; then a move to assist in the launch of a Print and Design studio in Adelaide Popcorn Studios. Remaining there for three years, enjoying every bit of it. It was a multifaceted business that encompassed a multifaceted role for me; Account, Production, and Marketing Management. Presenting to and securing a range of local and national clients.

My time at Nestle Australia in FMCG across both the Corporate side (Woolworths,Coles) and the Independent side (Foodland, IGA) of the business has broadened my experience in the large corporate environment working for one of the biggest companies in the world. 

The NOW—–>future:

The journey continues.. My LinkedIn profile endorsements suggests that ‘strategy’ is my fort-ay. I would agree that this forms part of my persona, it is something that has forged organically over time.

Reading, writing is a given. Making a contribution to my family, friends and the community counts for me.

“Collaboration” is a word that I resonate with. I have the belief by doing this, the world can become a better place. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some extraordinary people whom I always look forward to knocking heads with and with a bit of luck we can make a difference. 

Work hard (and smarter), be nice, make a difference, we’ll go with that. Perhaps become a Superhero or something, there’s some fun right there!

Interests: Innovation, strategy, technology, reading, writing, learning.

Play: Keeping fit, healthy, sports, good food, music, one or two poker hands, beach. 

Personal: Enjoying life with my dream girl, family, and friends.